Antidote 5 – Who would’ve thought?

You got to give it to him. Not only is the great-great-great-grandson of the founder of a major Parisian department store and good-looking and successful as the director of the firm’s event’s department, but he’s also put on one of this Fall’s best contemporary art shows in Paris. Yes, chapeau, Mr Houzé, I take my hat off to you.

Antidote 5, the fifth annual group show presenting young, emerging French art in the unlikely location of the women’s fashion department of Galeries Lafayette presents work by some exciting young talent.

I like the poetics of Laurent Montaron‘s (Born 1972. Lives and works in Paris. Represented by gallery Schleicher+Lange) sculptures. There are two of them, both impeccably presented. The projected, looped images of a beating fish heart, held in the palm of a man’s hand (Pace, 2009) especially could be watched for hours. The 16mm projector which provides for a bit of vintage shakiness brilliantly becomes part of the piece by being contained and thereby preciously protected behind a tainted glass window.

Laurent Montaron, "Pace" (2009)


Isabelle Cornaro‘s (Born 1974. Lives and works in Paris.) minimal composition on paper that incorporates locks of dark hair draws on conceptual art and the notions of systems of structure and organization that the artist examines in her work, but it really doesn’t need all sorts of explanations. It just looks good – which is why I like it for everything except for it’s title,  Fields surrounding Turin, conjunction of a horizon and an echo chamber (2006), which unnecessarily and with far too many words points to the original figurative material that the abstract composition was created from.

Isabelle Cornaro, "Fields surrounding Turin ..." (2006)



Exhibition location : Level 1 of the main store of the Galeries Lafayette on boulevard Haussmann. Go up the escalator right underneath the big glass dome, head to the right of the champagne bar, continue past Louis Vuitton and Dior and the entrance is to the left.

Entrance fee: zero €.


One Response to “Antidote 5 – Who would’ve thought?”

  1. ArtLoverSYD Says:

    Interesting pieces – especially Pace. At least that has I name I can include in a tweet

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