Allô, allô? … Berlin is calling!

Like football fans, only more elegant, a crowd of Parisians is headed to Berlin this weekend to go and support their teams and mix and mingle with the local cultured chic. Fourteen Parisian contemporary art dealers are doing a gallery swap with their German counterparts and are presenting their rising stars from January 15th to 23rd in some of the hottest art galleries in Berlin. Later this month, from January 29th to February 2nd, the favor is returned and this week’s hosts will be guests in Paris.

It’s a catchy idea and apparently other cities are already interested in replicating it elsewhere. Ever in need to create events to attract the public – ie the press’s attention – and keep the well-to-do collectors entertained, it’s a new way for art amateurs and professionals to combine business with pleasure. Unlike a fair that dozens of galleries attend and hundreds of visitors rush too, this event meets the demand for more intimate opportunities to discover, meet, greet, exchange phone numbers – and hopefully strike a deal or two. It’s a boutique event, literally and metaphorically speaking.


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