Bruno Perramant, an interesting painter

Impastoed compositions by French painter Bruno Perramont are on view at Fabienne Leclerc’s gallery In Situ in Saint Germain until October 16th, 2010 and they’re well worth admiring – and buying for those who can.

Seeped in the tradition of easel painting and informed by several currents, Perramant employs a range of styles and is today displaying extracts from a handful of pictorial projects he’s been pursuing for the past two years, since his last solo show at gallery In Situ.

The exhibition begins on the groundfloor with the pegasus or horses of the Apocalypse series, apparently inspired by the equestrian statues of Paris’s Alexander III’s bridge built for the 1900 World Fair. But the visually strongest pieces are below, in the gallery’s large basement space. Here Perramont presents, among others, draped figures executed in luminous pastel-colored oil paint. The drapery and harmonious, symmetrical compositions reminiscent of Renaissance interpretations of biblical episodes contain images of violence: the bodies underneath the cloths are mean being handcuffed, arrested, kidnapped or otherwise captured by fellow men.


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