Two galleries open rue Pastourelle, Paris 3rd

Gallery Dukan Hourdequin had passionately defended young, contemporary art on their turf in Marseille before facing the facts: in France, Paris is the place to be.
They’ve inaugurated their new space, directed by talented Maxime Hourdequin at 24 rue Pastourelle on May 31st with a powerful solo show by British artist Nina Fowler (b. 1981).
The draftsmanship of her large-format pencil drawings impress the viewer by more than their technique. Fowler’s complex compositions in shades of graphite lead us through a strange world populated with numerous figures, some iconic and recognizable. The jolted eye darts around and delves into the forms latching onto elements like to masts in a storm, hoping to grasp the strange narrative as it unfolds.

A few doors down the road, galerist Suzanne Tarasiève inaugurated her second space in Paris, a two-story gallery at 7 rue Pastourelle. Putting the vast space to good use, Tarasiève is showing work by Delphine Balley, Nick Cave, Angelika Markul, Eddie Martinez, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison and Pierre Schwerzmann. The slick minimalist paintings by Pierre Schwermann particularly grabbed the eye.


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    Vous pouvez trouver un article sur l’exposition inaugurale de la galerie Suzanne Tarasieve sur

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