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Indian Summer Art Stroll Through Paris

October 2, 2011

Detail of Richard Stipl's wall sculpture at gallery Dukan & Hourdequin, rue Pastourelle, Paris 3rd arrondissement (on show until Oct. 15th, 2011)

NMT – Paris – September/October 2011

As explained in a previous blog post, September is “re-entry” time in Paris. If so inclined one could spend 24/7 looking at all the new exhibitions, going to all art fairs (Art-o-rama, Marseille ; Docks Art, Lyon ; Marrakech Art Fair), biennials (Lyon, Venice …), new collectors initiatives (François and Jean-Philippe Billarant’s new Silo outside of Paris), run to all gallery exhibition openings, stay up all Saturday night to see the many temporary contemporary art installations on view during la Nuit Blanche (“all nighter”) on October 1st in Paris  …

Alternatively, and this has been very relaxing personal choice this year, you can put your iPhone on airplane mode, put on some comfortable walking shoes and breathe in the soft Indian Summer air while quietly strolling from one exhibition to the next without any particular “agenda” other than the sheer pleasure of feeding the eye.

You’ll come across the good, the bad and the ugly – a little like little red riding hood or, in French, le petit Chaperon rouge – and sometimes you won’t know until much later whether you’ve been gobbled up alive or whether you’ve come nose to nose with something worthwhile.

Here are some images of my recent finds. I would recommend some more than others, but I won’t do so today. I’d rather encourage you to go out there and explore for yourselves.

Slideshow of an Indian Summer art stroll through Paris:

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